Best Lightroom Mobile Presets For Instagram Travel Photography

Adobe Lightroom has quickly become the golden standard for making your iPhone’s photos stand out in a never-ending Instagram feed. The Adobe Lightroom Mobile app has some of the professional quality features of the desktop version that allows you to edit and upload photos straight to your Instagram feed without the hassle of transferring your images to a computer. And best of all the app is FREE! But nowadays, it seems that every Instagram ad is trying to sell users the perfect set of presets for flawless photos. So, you may find yourself asking “Are presets worth my money? And with so many options, where do I even start?”I started out by taking most of my travel photos on my phone and didn’t have much experience using Adobe Lightroom. Presets helped me achieve a unique visual design. With a click of a button, presets can change colors, curves and tones in way you may not necessarily know how to do in Lightroom without plenty of practice, time, and patience. If you are  just starting out, presets are a great way to maintain the cohesion and consistency of the colors in your Instagram feed.However, not all presets are created equal. I’ve bought several packs in the past that were completely useless. Presets also work differently on all photos, so you may need to tweak some settings after applying to get your desired look. Below I’ve rounded up some of my favorite presets I love working with to enhance my travel photos!

Aggie Lal aka Travel In Her Shoes Presets

Perfect for creating bright summer images and when you want to add a little more light to potentially dark portraits or landscape scenes. I love using these for tropical destinations. Aggie Lal Travel In Her Shoes Presets -Before_After.pngEdited using Boat Babe from the World Tour Collection

Anne de Wit aka The Style Visitor Presets

Perfect for giving your images an extra boost of warmth with a pop of color. Each preset comes in two variations: (1) with overexposed light and (2) with normal light. These are versatile and work great for both interior and outdoor shots.Stye Visitor Presets -Before_AfterEdited using Bright Nostalgia from the Starters Preset Pack

Jayde Scukovic aka Jayde Archives

Perfect for creating pink and gold contrasts to add a fairy tale look and feel to your photos. I usually edit the lighting manually before adding the pink preset for the perfect princess vibes.Jayde Archives Pink Presets -Before_AfterEdited using Mermaid Tales from the Master Pack

Tori Smi’s Presets

Perfect for producing dramatic and moody vibes with high contrast tones. I typically use these for more urban and city shots. Tori Smi Presets -Before_AfterEdited using City 2 from the City Presets Collection

DC Food Porn’s Presets

Eating is inherently a part of traveling, so you want to make sure your foodie pics are also Instagram worthy! DC Food Porn’s presets help you acquire ambient and warm tones perfect for capturing your next meal.DC Food Porn Presets -Before_After.pngEdited using Food 3 from the Food Collection

Remember, presets are a great way to start curating your feed if you don’t have much experience with photo editing. If you feel as if your photos are not achieving the level of quality you are looking for, there are plenty of free online resources to help you learn how to use Lightroom and design presets that work for you!Let me know in the comments below if you use any of the presets above or if you have any other preset recommendations!

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34 thoughts on “Best Lightroom Mobile Presets For Instagram Travel Photography

  1. My most favorite preset it the Travel in Her Shoes present. That pop of colour is fabulous! My content focuses on food photography so I could definitely see my self using the DC Food Porn presets as well. Awesome tips girl!!


  2. Wow, I didn’t know that Adobe Lightroom presets were so cool. Your graphics are really nice too. I’m going to try out the presets!


  3. I haven’t tried any presets like this before, but they definitely give a good look to the photos. I thought the before photos look good, but then seeing the after shows a big difference.

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  4. To be very honest I am doing photography from last 8 years but still I didn’t use light room. I head a lot about light room and I guess after check our blog its high to install Lightroom in my device. I will definitely try all these presets

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  5. Those were a lovely presets. I’ve been using my own version of lightroom for a while now and not sure how I managed without it! I really need to take a look with this. Thank you for sharing

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  6. Just reminds me I need to do more experimentation with lightroom. I have used it a little bit, but I know there are some pretty amazing things you can do with it. Thanks for all the great info here.

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  7. These look lovely and the difference in a few were dramatic. I use the filters that come on my phone and offered by Instagram and that’s about it. Haha 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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